The most important step is the first one

And I will take that first step with you.   We will schedule our session by phone or e-mail and I will meet you promptly at our start time and agreed-upon walk location. Each session is 60 minutes - we will decide together how long you are comfortable walking and the remaining time will be for wrap-up.  At the end of each session, you will get a note card with key points from our discussion.   Simple.  Direct.  To the point.  Lovely.


Value and Fees (E + A=P)

Exercise + Accountability = progress toward your goals.  I promise you that our sessions will be both fulfilling and worthwhile.  My fee structure is simple:  $70/hour with payment at the end of each session.


Walking Health Benefits

  • Just 2 hours of walking a week can reduce your risk of stroke by 30 percent

  • 30 minutes of walking a day can reduce symptoms of depression by 36 percent

  • Logging at least 3,500 steps per day lowers your risk of diabetes by 29 percent

  • A daily 1-hour walk can cut your risk of obesity in half