Why hire a professional organizer? 

The answer is simple.  I provide expertise, focus, leadership and humor (often all at the same time!)  I'm responsible for the plan of action and for keeping us on track and working toward your goals.  I also make certain that we are working on manageable projects and I watch carefully to make certain you remain energized and involved in the process.  


Guiding Principles of The Organized Life are to:

  • Serve each client with integrity, competence and objectivity. 

  • Focus on my client's stated goals and provide accountability.

  • Teach with kindness and compassion. 

  • Celebrate accomplishments, however big or small.


Calming the hive

Teaching is the most important part of my job.  I've been told I am "highly sensitive" and that I am "spatially gifted."  Both attributes come in handy as we work side-by-side on your organizing projects.

We will be taking one step at a time - always making forward progress.  Sure, we may have moments of backsliding, but have faith in the process and it will produce results.

Our starting point is to address your "tolerations” - things in your life that you simply....tolerate.  You will hear me refer to "visual chaos" - physical tolerations or "delayed decisions" - mental tolerations.  And, there is a full spectrum of toleration between the two that we also will address during our work sessions.  

For all clients, I provide on-site work and/or Walk & Talk coaching through my company The Walk Coach.

The bee knows everything that enters her hive must have a purpose or it doesn’t belong. She knows that less is ultimately more, because the fewer belongings she has, the less she is responsible for taking care of, maintaining, storing, repairing, replacing.....you get the idea.

A simple life is a good life and an organized life is a great life.



Home Organize The Organized Life



You name it, I can organize it.  Always game for a challenge, yet I'll be honest with you if I'm not able to help you with the project and will refer you to a qualified organizer.  *Please note that I no longer work with clients who fall into Levels 3-5 on the Clutter Hoarding Scale.


(fee structure)

I will gather quite a bit of information during our email correspondence or initial phone call.  I'll ask lots of questions and listen intently.  If you are ready to move forward, we'll get an appointment scheduled.

My fee structure is simple:  I charge $80/hour for residential clients. And, depending on where you live, there may be a travel fee, which we will discuss right away so there are no surprises.




Limited to women-owned businesses and small businesses (we can define small together during our initial contact).


(fee structure)

My fee structure is simple: I charge $100/hour for corporate/coaching clients.

With corporate clients, I spend time in research and coordinating moving parts. And, depending on where you are located, there may be a travel fee, which we will discuss right away so there are no surprises.



It is my promise to you that I will help you achieve your organizing goals.   For the past 13 years, I have had the great honor and privilege of working with hundreds of clients to bring peace and calm to their homes and work environments.