Let's walk together

It's time to take the first step towards your goals whether fitness-related or a desire for a new adventure in your life.


A few beautiful moments captured from walks below.


miles and milestones

Accountability can be a game changer.  Whether your goal is simply to cover ground or to talk through reaching personal expectations, I will be your accountability partner.  I promise to be there each step of the way.


New perspectives

We spend a remarkable amount of time looking down....at our phones, our computers, the work in front of us.  Spending time walking not only gets you moving, but gets you to look up - both literally and figuratively.


free speech

It is a peaceful feeling knowing that you are walking with someone whose goal is to help you reach yours.  And, by walking side-by-side, there is a greater sense of camaraderie that results in open, honest dialogue.



Story of Steps

I began my journey of helping others in 2005 when I created The Organized Life, a professional organizing company.  Along the way, I began to discover that by taking my client on a "walk & talk," the session was both productive and rewarding. I began to test the theory out with more clients, friends and family members and quickly discovered that while walking, many wonderful decisions and ideas were born.

Coupled with my own love for being on my feet and moving, I began to see the positive benefits in combining my coaching skills with my walking skills.


Steady Pace

What I love most about coaching is that every day is a new adventure. And, every client is a unique individual with different learning styles and different paces - both mentally and physically. I am committed to meeting my clients at their comfort point - both in discussion and on the walking path.


A Path To My Dream

Helping Others

My journey to The Walk Coach includes an awesome mix of traditional education, life experiences of failing with sheer brilliance and landing on my feet, intense curiosity, unrivaled empathy and a weirdly accurate internal compass (we'll never get lost on one of our walks!)