Maggie Jackson

CPO®, President & Owner

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As I continue to lighten the load in my own life, listing all of my education, training and accomplishments feels a bit heavy.  Yet, I know it is important for me to share a bit about myself since the work we will be doing together ranks high in the "sensitive and personal" nature.  So, to make it easy on all of us, here's a simple list for your reading pleasure:

  • I've been working as long as I can remember:  lifeguard, camp counselor, swim coach, communication coordinator in a big law firm, assistant executive director of a day care/homeless shelter/shelter for abused women, a registrar, a dean of admission, an education director and now professional organizer.  All jobs requiring a great deal of service to others.

  • I love to write.  I love to solve problems.  I love not sitting at a desk.  I love organizing.  I love coaching.

  • I graduated from the University of Notre Dame and Loyola University of Chicago School of Law - two amazing schools.

  • I am a member of National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), Iowa Professional Organizers (IPO), and the Institute for Challenging Disorganization

  • In May 2007, I passed the CD Specialist examination and in September 2008 I passed the ADD Specialist examination, both offered by the Institute for Challenging Disorganization.

  • I became a Certified Professional Organizer (CPO®) after passing the national examination in January 2008. Note:  this exam was as difficult as the bar exam - at least it felt that way!

  • I have earned nine Level I certificates of study from the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD): Chronic Disorganization (March 2006), Basic Attention Deficit Issues with the Chronically Disorganized Client (June 2006), Learning Styles and Modalities (April 2007), Chronic Disorganization Client Administration (April 2007),Basic Physical Conditions Affecting the Chronically Disorganized Client (April 2007), Understanding the Needs of the Elderly Chronically Disorganized Client (September 2007), Basic Mental Health Conditions and Challenges Affecting the Chronically Disorganized Client (March 2008), Understanding the Needs of the Student Chronically Disorganized Client (April 2008), Basic Hoarding Issues with the Chronically Disorganized Client (September 2008) and Time Management and Productivity (June 2013).

  • In August 2010, I received the prestigious Golden Circle designation from NAPO, which recognizes members who have attained an elevated level of experience.

  • I love reading a great book, knitting, working in our gardens, taking photographs, long walks with good friends, making bread, cupcakes with tons of frosting and most importantly, time with my family.


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