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Teaching the value of less.            

As a Certified Professional Organizer, I have become an expert at recognizing "stuffed."  The stuffed rooms.  The stuffed calendars.  The stufffed minds. 

We are over-stuffed.  And it is becoming quite uncomfortable for many of us.

I have walked my own journey with stuff.  I surrounded myself with things I thought would make me happy and filled my calendar to stay busy.  Doing so left little room in my life, literally and figuratively.  

A favorite coaching question I use with my clients is, "how's that working for you?"

It's not.

If you are ready to let go of things, streamline your calendar and simplify your life, then I am the person to help you.

Welcome to the Organized Life!

The Guiding Principles of The Organized Life are to:

  • Serve each client with integrity, competence and objectivity. 

  • Focus on my client and not the stuff. 

  • Teach with kindness and compassion. 

  • Celebrate accomplishments, however big or small.


Maggie Jackson, CPO®

Certified Professional Organizer®

NAPO Golden Circle Member®

President & Owner
Davenport, Iowa

Serving clients in the Quad Cities area

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